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February 2008

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February 13th, 2008

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our_director in directorss

Shooting Stars - an original character RPG by Lab Arc Designs!

Fame! Fortune! Glory! ... Supernatural Occurances?!

Welcome to 4-D Studios, the newest mecca of the film industry, located on fabulous Corona Island. Actors from all walks of life are flocking to this hub of creativity to get a chance at some of the newest, most offbeat television shows and movies ever produced, without the constraints of classic studio rules and jurisdictional laws. But there's something peculiar about Corona Island - for when the film is rolling and the scene has been set, actors become the characters they portray, from their thoughts to their fingernails. Is something nefarious going on, or are the Directors simply looking for the greatest show on Earth?

Shooting Stars is a roleplaying game set within the glamorous tropical location of Corona Island, that operates on three levels. You, the player, take on the role of the Agents who recruit talent for 4-D Studios' newest and most fabulous productions. You also play the Actors who work for them, interact, and do their best to make themselves the Superstars of the screen. When the cameras start rolling, you (and your Actors) play the Roles in the productions being filmed. Can you get your Actors into the best shows? Usher a new Superstar into the world? Make a name for yourself in the business as an Agent to the Stars? And can you find out what strangeness compels the Directors on their unusual agenda?

Find out in Shooting Stars, an original character RPG by Lab Arc Designs.
How to Join Shooting Stars
1. Read through the website and the Rules. Make sure this is the game for you.

2. Join the communities under your regular OOC journal. There is a list of communities on the website and on the Director's journal. You're accepted automatically- no player auditions here! If you don't have an OOC journal, or don't want people to know who you are, you may join under a character's journal. But what fun is that? There is no player audition - you want to join? Great! You're now an Agent - welcome to Shooting Stars.

3. Fill out an Agent Bio.

4. See the Quick Start Guide for instructions on how to make your Actors and participate in the game from there!

Questions? Comments? Need something explained, or assistance getting started? Message a mod directly via AIM at Lab Arc Designs or via email at L@labarc.com .

Important Links
Quick Start Guide / Website / Rules / OOC (Agents) Community / Director's Journal