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February 2008



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Feb. 13th, 2008

masked figure


Shooting Stars - an original character RPG by Lab Arc Designs!

Fame! Fortune! Glory! ... Supernatural Occurances?!

Welcome to 4-D Studios, the newest mecca of the film industry, located on fabulous Corona Island. Actors from all walks of life are flocking to this hub of creativity to get a chance at some of the newest, most offbeat television shows and movies ever produced, without the constraints of classic studio rules and jurisdictional laws. But there's something peculiar about Corona Island - for when the film is rolling and the scene has been set, actors become the characters they portray, from their thoughts to their fingernails. Is something nefarious going on, or are the Directors simply looking for the greatest show on Earth?

Shooting Stars is a roleplaying game set within the glamorous tropical location of Corona Island, that operates on three levels. You, the player, take on the role of the Agents who recruit talent for 4-D Studios' newest and most fabulous productions. You also play the Actors who work for them, interact, and do their best to make themselves the Superstars of the screen. When the cameras start rolling, you (and your Actors) play the Roles in the productions being filmed. Can you get your Actors into the best shows? Usher a new Superstar into the world? Make a name for yourself in the business as an Agent to the Stars? And can you find out what strangeness compels the Directors on their unusual agenda?

Find out in Shooting Stars, an original character RPG by Lab Arc Designs.
How to Join Shooting Stars
1. Read through the website and the Rules. Make sure this is the game for you.

2. Join the communities under your regular OOC journal. There is a list of communities on the website and on the Director's journal. You're accepted automatically- no player auditions here! If you don't have an OOC journal, or don't want people to know who you are, you may join under a character's journal. But what fun is that? There is no player audition - you want to join? Great! You're now an Agent - welcome to Shooting Stars.

3. Fill out an Agent Bio.

4. See the Quick Start Guide for instructions on how to make your Actors and participate in the game from there!

Questions? Comments? Need something explained, or assistance getting started? Message a mod directly via AIM at Lab Arc Designs or via email at L@labarc.com .

Important Links
Quick Start Guide / Website / Rules / OOC (Agents) Community / Director's Journal

Feb. 12th, 2008




Shooting Stars : A LabArc designs rpg
Shooting Stars is a game (currently played over LiveJournal) where you have the power to create Actors and bring them up from no-respect Extras all the way up to World-Class Superstars!

Tired of the terrible selections on television, an empowered being called The Director has decided to create his own programming. Instead of working with scripts, The Director chooses to set up the Stages for his Actors, give them a Plot to go with, and let them work out their own lines and parts as they see fit. The concept works similarly to improvisational theater -- although Shows can get cancelled if the Actors fail to perform well, and Actors who continue to give bad performances may suffer... unfortunate fates.

Many of the show concepts contain elements of the supernatural, perhaps because of the influence of The Director; in some cases, this is obvious, such as the hellacious sitcom "Married to a Demon" and the humorous gameshow "Who Wants To Be A Vampire?", but in some cases it is far more subtle.

One interesting aspect of each Show is that Actors effectively become the Roles they are playing while on set; until the cameras stop filming, the 'worlds' they depict are as real to them as the computer screen you're reading from now.

Shows range over a variety of genres, with new shows being added as The Director sees fit (particularly at the end of a filming season), and unpopular shows cancelled as necessary.

While filming an Episode, Actors must play out their Roles to the best of their ability (and without using out-of-character knowledge), just as if these Roles were their personal characters. Episodes generally last two weeks of real time, although the Director may choose to extend this time limit to finish filming a particularly poignant Episode - or, if he prefers, can sum up an Episode at the end of the two weeks, even if the Plot has not been resolved.

In addition to their performances on stage, each Actor has an electronic journal which is connected to the journals of other characters; this effectively allows them to communicate with each other when off the Studio lot. There is also an Actor's Lounge, where those of talent go to rub elbows (and those without are swiftly escorted out by security.)

Quick Start Links
* Quick Start  *  Rules  * Home * Casting Office *
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Jan. 1st, 2008

glasses woman up-and-close


Director's Office Voice Mail

You have reached The Director, you lucky soul you.

Do you have a question for The Director? Please leave a message after the obnoxious beep, darling, and we may get back to you!


(( Need to reach The Director? Leave a comment here. Comments screened. IC messages from Actors will be replied to in an IC fashion. OOC messages from Agents will be replied to OOC.))